Erasmus VET 2022: l’esperienza a Dublino


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I reportage degli studenti

Collage di immagini di Aurora

The experience in Dublin was one of the best I ever had in my life. Thanks to this experience I have learnt a lot of new words, met new people and visited amazing places (photos 1, 4, 5 and 9).  During my stay, I had the opportunity to work in a charity shop near the city centre. During the work I usually steamed, hanged, tidied up the shop (photo n. 2, 3)  and dressed dummies (photo n. 8). Furthermore, I got to know much more about the actual situation of sustainability in Dublin, we had meetings with experts in the field. (Photo n. 7). Aurora C.


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Collage di foto di Emilia

Collage di foto di Emilia

Collage di foto di Alice

Alice “in Irishland“

My Dublin - Asia S

Postcards from Dublin – Asia S (clicca per ingrandire)

Collage di foto di Elisabetta (clicca per ingrandire)

Elisabetta in Dublin

Collage di foto di Giulia

A reportage from Giulia

Il poster di Viola

Il poster di Viola